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N-Sight Technology is a platform that enables businesses to improve through smart and digital solutions. We provide a suite of tools that assists companies in streamlining their operations, optimizing their processes, and making better decisions.

Our platform is used by some of the largest companies in the world, and we are constantly extending our reach to help more businesses take the edge of the latest technology.

Our Products


IoT Solutions
IoTFi is a solution that allows you to monitor, control, and automate your IoT devices. Our outlet empowers the creation of practically any industrial application, including SCADA, IIoT, Asset Tracking, Tank Monitoring, reporting, alarming, and more, while utilizing HTTP, MQTT, LoRa WAN, and Rest APIs. IoTFi offers a ready-made IoT platform designed to rapidly create, manage, and deploy secure, end-to-end IoT solutions. Utilizing our full-stack IoT infrastructure layer to connect software and hardware, you can integrate your complete system into IoTFi. Moreover, our system is secured by TLS encryption that provides robust security and peace of mind for you to experience the best out of the solution.
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Audits IQ

Digital Audits and Inspections
AuditsIQ is the ideal digital inspection and auditing platform that focuses on the business process’s efficiency. Utilizing the approach, you can embrace continuous improvement in your workplace or organization. With the use of AuditsIQ, your team may collect consistent data, pinpoint areas for improvement, generate reports, and cooperate with other working units. The data-driven automation inspires efficient and effective processing. High-quality training and continuous development help us provide you with trustworthiness and transparency.
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Tech Driven Farming
Farmvesting is a cloud-based SaaS product that digitizes traditional farming processes and encompasses them under one platform. It provides the medium to store, develop, invest, breed products, and reap the harvests. An evolving marketplace will enable people to purchase and invest in land, animal, and crop commodities. The efficient ERP allows the vendor to run their farming business while keeping track of all the transactions and projects for their products. Our system makes it easier to follow all financial records through a diverse Accounts System. At the same time, all the activities on the farm can be controlled through detailed Activity Management. Moreover, the integration of IoTFi enhances the process efficiency of all the activities for your business.
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Offchain Yield

Alternative Investment Platform
Off-Chain Yield is an alternate investment platform that allows people to invest in physical assets through fiat or cryptocurrency. You can bring your on-chain investments and invest in tangible assets. OCY offers a complete catalog of investment assets in which anyone around the world can invest. Moreover, the system facilitates the comprehensive digital management of the IPO.
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Skill Routing

Streamlined Task Management Platform
Skill Routing is a cutting-edge recruitment platform that allows people to locate skilled workers to perform tasks. Our system will enable you to manage your company and assign temporary or long-term jobs to resources within and outside the firm. The dynamic tracking system empowers you to be more efficient with your task requirements and follow the job status at every step. Our diverse functionality also qualifies independent skilled workers to showcase their talents and earn their rightful bounty. Companies can also entertain task proposals from customers, external or internal. Its AI-based technique route the right job to the right skill set.
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Process Intel

Smart Manufacturing
Process Intel automatically identifies and correlates ideal Process Settings that deliver Perfect Quality. It connects the most crucial metric in manufacturing directly to its drivers. Our system increases Visibility, Traceability, and Accountability to prevent liability from product quality defects when “Manufacturers build blind.” We improve overall Quality in Industrial Operations by automatically correlating and contextualizing vital operational data. Our Industry 4.0 Smart Monitoring solution enables Real-Time IIOT data, Autonomous Decisions, Predictive Analytics, and ML/AI Data Science Insights.
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Our Services

IT Consultancy

As expert IT consultants, we help individuals or businesses make technology investments or strategy judgments and resolve technology challenges.


We will drive the product through development using the best tools in the market for the utmost quality.

UI/UX Design

We deploy an artistic design team to design eye-catching and captivating designs with high-end design tools to make the product visually appealing.


After a thorough testing phase, the product will be ready for deployment upon the user’s demands.

Support & Maintanance

We provide the client with all the guidance and help they need after the deployment for a more pleasing experience.

SAP Consultancy

Expert guidance and support in implementing and optimizing SAP software solutions for business

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