Agri Tech

Farming has always been a vital part of any country’s economy. It is the backbone on which the country stands. Haven’t you ever wondered if there was a way to earn a profit without having to do the work? Upon survey research conducted in 2019, it was concluded that farming bores at least a 15% profit which is quite good compared to other businesses. However, standardized farming is not easy to do for a layperson without knowledge.
Agri Tech is the modern solution to traditional agriculture. Revolving around the gist of farming Agri Tech has every necessity required for a fantastic experience. Agri Tech features two substantial components that ensure a revolutionized venture. Famrvesting is the digital marketplace that connects vendors to customers. A place for every single asset in farming, including crops, and livestock, can be bought or sold here.
Buyers can purchase the products on the marketplace from a list of options provided by the vendors. Each product will contain a visual presentation and details about the product. The reviews of the customers will prove the authenticity of the products. The users will have to adhere to a set of terms and conditions before having to register with the system. This guidebook will mention the eligibility criteria for the users and guidelines for any unprecedented or described event. The system will consist of cutting-edge technology that will display products to the customers based on their interests.
An interactive, easy-to-use client portal will be provided for investors and buyers to observe and follow their purchases and investments. Subscribing to the portal would open up the opportunity to explore the elements of the marketplace. Marketplaces will be accessed through the web portal or evolved web apps. The customer portal can be molded with the choices and preferences provided by the user to give a more nuanced experience.
Buyers can use the marketplace to purchase the products of their choosing on the spot or drag them to a Wishlist.
Vendors will be facilitated with the feature of Agri-ERP that is used to track all the activities of the products and use the marketplace for their needs. Agri-ERP is built to provide transparency on all the activities so that both parties are content with the transactions. Agri-ERP has additional components, each dedicated to a particular aspect of the platform. PLC is the Product life cycle, which will be updated by the vendor for the client to give enhanced visibility of assets. This will ensure the complete integrity of the product’s authenticity. Vendors will be able to manage their customers and communicate through the client-vendor channel. To track the inventory and manage the assets, the vendor will be given a separate space named Land Management. All the inflow and outflow of the stock can be observed, along with the ability to separate the products and assets of the user. Concurrently using the” Financial Module,” the system will generate financial reports in real-time based on the transactions held between customers and vendors. Users can access a complete set of modules to track the economic history and make decisions based on the results. The CRM module is added to facilitate the Customer Relation with the vendor. The module allows users to enlist their products on the marketplace according to specific SOPs. Pre-defined stages will be mentioned on certain products by the user. The system will portray the advertised products attractively with ample information. Vendors can track customers at any point in the sale cycle. The module will also observe and notice all the digital activities in a calendar format. The owner can plan and manage the activities on daily bases in the form of phone calls, emails, or physical visits.
Furthermore, Agri-ERP also permits the user to devise deals and offers for potential or subscribed customers. The deals can also be altered or analyzed upon the user’s wish. The farming or breeding process deals can also be set up here and customized. Since Agri-ERP was built to keep the vendor in mind, it gives them the prospect of managing the admin portal. The portal is used to manage users or customers.
Since Agri Tech is a sister component to NIOTFY, it can also be equipped with a flawless network of sensors and gateways that we will provide for integration upon request. The sensors work on the standard connectivity criteria. All the sensors for the system will be easy to install and can be managed through the portal. The reading from a sensor will trigger an alert or notification that will be sent to the designated user.
Agri Tech also introduces the integration of AuditsIQ, another sister component, to the vendor. Users can use it for auditing processes in the workplace, which may include workflows like farming, breeding, or harvesting. The addition will enhance the production on the farm and address the drawbacks of the already working operation.
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