IoTFI uses established and developing technologies for sensing, monitoring, and reporting. IoT solutions allow users to gain greater automation, analysis, and integration levels inside a system. They make these areas more accurate and extend their reach proportionally.
IoT is an emerging technology that comprises of sensors to monitor critical data about a specific setup, the setup can be a production plant, a storage room, or even a piece of agricultural land. IoT is a part of the Industry 4.0 revolution, it not only eases the data collection processes but also improves the accuracy and reliability of the collected data. The whole idea removes the old-school data collection processes and paces up the overall workflow.

How Does It Work?


Initially, sensors or devices take in information from their surroundings, something as straightforward as a temperature reading or something as involved as a full video stream.


After being transmitted, the data is uploaded to the cloud. Sensors can link to the cloud using protocols like LoRaWAN.

Data Analysis

Software process data after it's uploaded to the cloud. Simple methods include checking if the temperature is within a suitable range or detecting objects using computer vision.

User Interface

The management and control of the sensors will be performed through the user interface, which will be provided for the users.

Why Are IoT Applications Important for All Businesses?

Applications of the Internet of Things vary widely depending on the industry and the organization. However, specific technology applications are attracting enterprises more than others. IoT applications are having an impact not only on enterprises but also on the entire planet, along with playing a significant role in individual homes, workplaces, and other settings.
According to Gartner’s research, IoT businesses emphasize the business outcomes resulting from the technology. IoT initiatives are no longer just motivated by the aim of achieving operational excellence inside an organization. Stakeholders from the IT and business worlds must collaborate to align IoT projects with business goals to boost revenue and enhance the customer experience.
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